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18/06/2024PDMR Notification
16/06/2024Director/PDMR Shareholding
15/06/2024Notification of Transactions of Directors
14/06/2024Director/PDMR Shareholding
14/06/2024Notification of Transactions of Directors
13/06/2024Grant of Options
11/06/2024Interim Results
11/04/2024Successful Cultivated Leather PoC Agreements
20/03/2024Result of Annual General Meeting
20/03/2024University Collaborations
14/03/2024BSF Investor Evening
07/03/2024BSF Enterprise (Hong Kong) Ltd and Ivy Farm Technologies Enter Partnership
29/02/2024MoU with Sustainable Fashion Company Amelie Pichard
23/02/2024BSF AGM Proxy
23/02/2024Notice of Annual General Meeting
31/01/2024Full Year Results
08/12/2023FOODTECH Joint Venture with CellRev
26/10/2023New Cornea Company & Investor Update
09/10/2023Participation in The ThinkEquity Conference
26/09/2023Results of General Meeting Allotment of shares
18/09/20233D Bio-Tissues receives €612,000 grant
11/09/2023Strategic Update
07/09/2023Publication of Prospectus & Notice of GM
17/07/2023City-Mix™ Bio-Pharmaceutical Update
03/07/2023Opens Office in Hong Kong
30/06/2023Interim Results
23/06/2023Cultivated Meat Approved for Consumption in US
08/06/2023Appointment of US Investor Relations Agency
01/06/2023Publication of New Research
30/05/2023Successful Cultivated Meat Test
25/05/2023Admittance to trading on the OTCQB Venture Market
22/05/2023City-Mix™ Commercial Progress Update
15/05/2023Lab-Grown Leather Update and Innovation Award Win
14/04/2023Admission of Placing Shares & Subscription Shares
12/04/2023Update to oversubscribed £2.9 million fundraise
29/03/2023Oversubscribed £2.9 million fundraise
15/03/2023Result of AGM General Meeting
15/03/2023AGM Statement
09/03/2023Application for Trading on US OTCQB Venture Market
20/02/2023AGM Notice
10/02/2023Allotment of shares
01/02/2023Second Price Monitoring Extn
01/02/2023Price Monitoring Extension
01/02/2023Second Price Monitoring Extn
01/02/2023Price Monitoring Extension
01/02/2023UK’s First Fillet of Cultivated Meat Produced
31/01/2023Annual Report and Financial Statement for the year ending 30 September 2022
19/12/20223D Bio-Tissues enters partnership with New Harvest
23/11/2022Second Price Monitoring Extn
23/11/2022Price Monitoring Extension
23/11/20223D Bio-Tissues partners with cell growth company
15/11/2022Successful Prototypes of Lab-Grown Fillets of Meat
27/10/20223D Bio-Tissues receives €100,000 grant
21/09/20223D Bio-Tissues Appoints Business Director
18/07/2022Operational Update
12/07/2022AGM Notice
29/06/2022Interim Financial Statements
17/06/2022AGM Notice
06/06/2022Appointment of new CFO and opening new London Office
17/05/2022Admission to Trading and First Day of Dealings
16/05/2022Results of General Meeting
27/04/2022Conditional Placing to raise £1.75 million
14/02/2022Annual Financial Report
16/08/2021Proposed Transaction and Suspension of Listing
16/08/2021Suspension – BSF Enterprise Plc
09/08/2021Appointment of Director
04/05/2021Half-year Report
23/04/2021Half-year Report
06/04/2021Correction Statement
01/04/2021Result of AGM
01/04/2021Annual Financial Report
01/04/2021Notice of AGM
04/03/2021AGM Statement
04/08/2020Result of General Meeting
31/03/2020Result of AGM
26/03/2020Notice of AGM
03/03/2020Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020
03/02/2020Annual Financial Report
26/07/2019First Day of Dealings

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26/06/2024The National: No harm and no farm: How a British biotech company grows leather in a lab
26/06/2024Vegconomist: UPSIDE Foods Hosts Free Cultivated Chicken Tasting Before Florida’s Ban
26/06/2024Business Insider: Newcastle biotech startup unveils lab-grown leather
26/06/2024Prolific North: Newcastle biotech startup produces lab-grown leather
26/06/2024International Leather Maker: Lab-grown leather sample shown at Future Fabrics Expo
26/06/2024Just Style: 3DBT introduces lab-grown sustainable leather alternative
26/06/2024Fashion Network: UK start-up unveils lab-grown real leather for luxury goods
26/06/2024Fashion United: UK biotech start-up unveils lab-grown leather
26/06/2024UPSIDE Foods Hosts Free Cultivated Tasting Before Florida’s Ban
07/03/2024BSF Enterprise (Hong Kong) Ltd and Ivy Farm Technologies Enter Partnership
21/07/2023The Wall Street Analyzer
02/06/2023BSF Enterprise makes progress on cultivated meat testing
02/06/2023UK firm unveils lab-grown pork fillets
02/06/2023Successful Cultivated meat test conducted by BSF
23/05/2023Leather shoes ‘grown in the lab’ by Newcastle biotech business just five years away, founder says
14/03/2023Cultivated meat is close than you think
07/03/2023BSF makes commercial leap for lab-grown meat technology, identifies new market
03/02/2023World’s first 100% cultivated meat steak is produced in the UK
03/02/2023Newcastle scientists create UK’s first lab-made steak
02/02/2023Newcastle scientists 3D Bio-Tissues produce and taste world’s first 100% cultivated meat steak
01/02/2023Stock Watch – BSF Enterprise
01/02/2023BSF Enterprise makes UK’s first cultivated pork steak, and eats it
01/02/2023Raising the steaks: British scientists grow a pork steak in a LABORATORY that looks and smells just like real meat
01/02/2023Scientists produce world’s first cultivated steak
01/02/2023UK Scientists produce 100% cultivated meat
01/02/2023UK scientists produce “world’s first 100% cultivated meat steak”
01/02/2023Rare breakthrough: UK scientists serve up ‘world first’ cultivated meat steak
01/02/20233DBT Says it Has Developed the First Truly 100% Cultivated Meat Steak. Here’s Why.
01/02/2023BSF Enterprise jumps after unveiling first full-scale fillet of lab-grown meat
24/11/2022BSF Enterprise teams up with stem-cell engineers to speed lab-grown meat development
16/11/2022WATCH: BSF Enterprise subsidiary 3D Bio-Tissues grills its first “cultivated” steaks.
16/11/2022Raising the steaks: British scientists grow fillet steak in a LABORATORY that looks and smells just like real meat – and it could be coming soon to a plate near you.
15/11/2022BSF Enterprise successful cultivated meat prototype.
15/11/2022BSF jumps after unveiling first fillets of lab-grown meat.
15/11/2022BSF Enterprise soars on lab-grown meat.
21/07/2022LISTEN: Midweek Takeaway featuring BSF Enterprise (LSE:BSFA).
18/07/2022IN BRIEF: BSF Enterprise says on track to produce 100% lab-grown meat
18/07/2022IN BRIEF: BSF Enterprise says on track to produce 100% lab-grown meat
18/07/2022IN BRIEF: BSF Enterprise says on track to produce 100% lab-grown meat
20/06/2022Newcastle lab sets sights on growing UK’s first 100% animal-free ‘meat’ by next year.
01/06/2022What food tech innovations do incubators expect to see 10 years from now?
30/05/2022Newcastle lab-grown steak soon at your plate!
30/05/2022WATCH: BSF Enterprise talks about its reverse takeover of lab-grown specialist 3D Bio Tissues.
22/05/2022Fillet steak grown in a Newcastle LABORATORY that might one day replace Britain’s farms is coming soon to a plate near you.
19/05/2022BSF plans to produce the UK’s first lab-grown meat following LSE listing: ‘Cutting into a lab-grown steak for dinner is definitely a reality’.
18/05/2022CULT Food Science Congratulates Portfolio Company on Successful LSE Listing.
18/05/2022Media Bites 18 May.
18/05/20223DBT to Produce “UK’s First Cultivated Meat” Within 12 Months Following BSF Acquisition.
18/05/2022Newcastle-based tech pioneers 3DBT taken over in £1.25m move.
18/05/2022Lab-grown meat gets cash infusion.
17/05/2022Newcastle Spin-Out 3D Bio-Tissues Closes Second Investment Round.
17/05/2022Market Report.
17/05/2022Joiners: BSF Enterprise. 
17/05/2022BSF Enterprise Jumps 9% on Trading Debut on London Bourse.
17/05/2022BSF Enterprise wraps up purchase of lab-grown skin, cornea and meat developer.
17/05/2022IN BRIEF: BSF Enterprise commences trading on London Main Market.
17/05/2022BSF Enterprise completes artificial meat purchase.
15/05/2022LISTEN: The Sunday Roast featuring Che Connon CEO of 3D Bio-tissues, Geoff Baker, Director of BSF Enterprises (LSE:BSFA)…
27/04/2022BSF Enterprise raises cash to help with 3D Bio-Tissues deal.
27/12/2021BSF Enterprise to acquire 3D Bio-Tissues.


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