Unlocking the next generation of


Our goal is to create a
Bio-Sustainable Future.

BSF Enterprise, the owner of pioneering UK-based clinical and cellular agriculture company 3D Bio-Tissues, is unlocking the next generation of biotech solutions. It is achieving this through an acquisition-led growth strategy to drive the development of lab-grown tissues. Cell-based tissue engineering can generate cultured meat, lab-grown leather, human corneas, collagen growth and skin substitutes. This technology will contribute to a radical transformation of the delivery of sustainable solutions across a variety of sectors.

UK’s First Fillet of Cultivated Meat Produced

Investing in the rapidly growing tissue engineering market.

BSF owns 100% of 3D Bio Tissues (3DBT), a tissue engineering company with patent-protected IP that is already producing human corneas that could help restore vision to millions of people. 3DBT has three strands of IP, each with a different sector focus, development and revenue timeline:


Serum-free media: 3DBT’s City-mix™ is an animal-free cell growth agent for culturing skin, muscle & fat cells which will be used for lab-grown meat and leather production.


Skin Care Products: Lipopeptide Etsyl™ actively increases collagen production in human skin cells which can be used in cosmetic and skin care products.


Tissue Templating Application: using a platform to grow different tissues with natural structure & function such as corneas, lab-grown meat and leather & human skin substitutes.

Investment case.

Patented technology produces the highest quality animal tissue.

Proprietary ‘Tissue Templating’ technology produces tissue with natural structure and function.

Diverse products with near term revenue opportunities.

Lab-grown meat and leather; corneas; skincare; animal-free cell growth agent.

Operating in fast-growing markets.

410% CAGR (2021 to 2030) for lab-grown meat; 12.7m people awaiting cornea transplant.

Experienced Board with a clear strategy.

Acquire, develop and license technology in cultured animal tissue technologies and related products.

Strong management team with long-term history in tissue engineering.

Globally recognised experts in cell biology.